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How to use UDSM Mail service

For UDSM staff Click the link below to get instructions to help you use the UDSM staff mail service.
UDSM Staff mail service user instructions


Configuring your EMail Client

If you want to configure your EMail-client to retrieve and send your mails using an UDSM Mail-Account (...@udsm.ac.tz) , you can find the necessary information on this page.

If you are already familiar in configuring an Email-Client Software, you only have to enter the following:

UDSM and UCCMAIL server  configurations

If you need more detailed information about configuring the email-client you are using, click on the links below or in the navigation panel

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook Express

Mozilla Thunderbird


Aditional configurations:

We have enabled smtp-auth in order to stop our server, smtp.udsm.ac.tz, to send SPAMS. Users are only supposed to check "My Server Requires Authentication" check box if they are using Outlook express, microsoft outlook, mozilla Mail,etc. Visit the link below to get instructions of how to do that
Microsoft outlook express and microsoft outlook additional configurations