For offline computers with escan antivirus, if you need to update them download the update by following the link below, this tool will also clean/scan your computer after it installs updates.
escan updates for 2000/XP
escan updates for vista


You are getting internal error problem like the one in this lik Internal Error!!
This kind of error is caused by your client computer did not coppy properly some key fils(signature files)
Why does this happen?.
The reason is when you start installation ,the files are copied to the temp folder so if there are some malacious entries or virus is presnt in temp it may currupt or ulter installing files.
You can run the toolkit that will fix the problem in which it will scan for virus as well as will update virus databse of escan


3.1: If it happens you have been attacked and you are threatened by spywares like this case below
Spyware attack
The solution in this case is to download the tool provided in the link below:

Problem fix tool
To use the tool download the the intructions of how to below:
Problem fix tool instructions


3.2. Warning Spyware detected on your computer as Wallpaper Error Message

Warning! Spyware detected on your computer!
Install an antivirus or spyware remover to putting the privacy and data in risk.
Most recently this error message is relating to a rogue antispyware called Antivirus XP 2008.

Removal Instructions

1. Go to directory list C:\WINDOWS\system32 and sort by date to look for files created
since the infection began. In my case there were three suspicious ones:-
Notice that part of the name is common to all of them (cv76j0e76a). Delete these files.
2. Run msconfig, click on the startup tab and untick the startup for the virus .exe file
(in my case lphcv76j0e76a.exe)
3. Restart your computer.
4. Check that the virus files above have not come back. You may also
need to reset the wallpaper in Control Panel Display settings.
5. Run regedit and search for items containing the “cukZommon” name (cv76j0e76a).
You should find at least two (the screensaver and the startup register).
Delete the items found from the registry.
6. Restart your computer again.
7. Check that virus has gone, then create a System Restore point using
the options in “Help and Support”
8. Job done!

4. How to remove Windows Genuine Notification on Windows XP Login Screen

Follow the steps below
1. Go to C:Windows\System32\dllcache
2. Delete WgaTray.exe
3. Open Command prompt [Start -- Run]
4. Type regedit to edit registry
5. Click on the HKEY_Local_Machine
6. Go to Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon\Notify
7. Then delete WgaLogon folder
8. Close registry Window
9. Restart your machine


If it happens that you have been attacked in a way that your windows XP automatically logoff as soon as you logon you should do the following solve the problem:
Wsaupdater.exe is spyware that changes Userinit.exe, to Wsaupdater.exe in the registry. Ad-Aware by Lavasoft removes the Wsaupdater.exe file from the computer, but it cannot change the registry subkey back to Userinit.exe,.
The registry subkey that is changed is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
Value: Userinit
Data: %Windir%\System32\Wsaupdater.exe
Note %windir% represents the location of the System32 folder. For example, if the location is
C:\Windows\System32, the data would be C:\Windows\System32\Wsaupdater.exe.
The data should contain Userinit.exe, instead of Wsaupdater.exe. In the previous example, the
data would be C:\Windows\System32\Userinit.exe,.
Note The comma following the file path information is required.
There are three altenatives to solve the problem
First option:

This will work if your PC is installed with e-scan antivirus

1. boot the system in command prompt
2.then goto c:\
3.then goto avpdos directory
4.by c:\cd avpdos
5. then type in the command avpdos32 * /- /o
- this last command will scan the computer
To prevent these kinds of attacks in future, enable the file rights option in escan to prevent any application to modify system files:
1. right click green e icon
2.Go to file rights option in that u have to enable file rights by clicking the option
If the the option is not active, do the following to activate it
1. goto start>>run
2.type killmon
3 press enter
4 then check and enable the file rights

If the procedures above does not work use the following instructions:-

Second option:
Use Windows operating systems CD to repair your operating systems

Third option
Procedures below contains information about modifying the registry. Before you modify the registry, make sure to back it up and make sure that you understand how to restore the registry if a problem occurs.

Use the Recovery Console to copy Userinit.exe to Wsaupdater.exe to allow logon capability to be restored and to let you manually correct the registry data. To do this, follow these steps

Use Recovery Console to copy Userinit.exe to Wsaupdater.exe
1. At the Recovery Console command prompt, type cd system32, and then press ENTER.
2. Type copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe, and then press ENTER.
3. Type exit, and then press ENTER.

Modify the registry
1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
2. In Registry Editor, expand
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
. 3. In the right pane, right-click userinit, and then click Modify.
4. Replace wsaupdater.exe with userinit.exe, (make sure to include the comma, as shown), and
then click OK.
5. Restart your computer.
Delete the Wsaupdater.exe file

1. Log on to the computer by using an account that has administrator-level permissions.
2. Click Start, click Run, type%Windir%\system32, and then click OK.
3. Right-click wsaupdater.exe, click Delete, and then click OK.


If you want to scan your PC by right-cliking the green e-icon for escan and you get the following error;

Internal Error!! This could be because of incorrect system date settings or missing *.AVC/*.KEY/*.SET signature files or corrupt *.AVC/*.KEY/*.SET files
This is just an error that comes up due to incomplete updates of your escan client
What you should do is:-
1.search for all *.avc and avp.set files on your system and delete them from the system.
2.Download the escan update file from http://support.udsm.ac.tz/solutions.html
3.Run it to install the update and scan your PC


If youre computer is attached by virus called Raila Odinga, ESCAN can remove this virus and clean youre computer.
Simply you have to follow the follwing instructions on the how to remove it.

1. Create new user account . To create go to Start Control:::: Panel à User Accounts:::: Create new user
2. Restart youre computer and login in safe mode using new account you create. To login safe mode press F8 [depends with computer] and click safe mode
3. Go to Start click run then type C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\Raila Odinga.exe and press Enter
4. Delete all Microsoft Word files
5. Again go to the Start click run and type regedi
6. Then go to Current user à Software’s :::: Microsoft :::: Windows:::: Current Version :::: Run
7. On the right panel delete the Default Value. That’s the Virus…its gone for Good

If it is in Flash Disk....

Create notepad and save file name with the same name Raila Odinga.gif , save it to replace Raila Odinga.gif [Virus]

8. How to remove Virus from USB Drives

If it happens your flash disk have been infected by virus, download file below with instructioe virusns on how to remove th
How to remove virus from flash disk